About me

My name is Vlad and this is my California travel blog. There you have it…short and sweet. I believe that the ability to travel is a great privilege and blessing. Most people do not get the chance to travel to other countries and experience other cultures; this is why I consider myself very blessed.

I do love to travel and to take pictures of the places I visit. I love seeing the same place in different times of the year and pick out any differences. Some times the same place can convey a completely different feeling during another time of the year. When it comes to travel, like most of you probably, I want to save money and find the best deals on travel. Travel can be expensive, so every bit of savings helps.

I want this page to be a journal that captures my travel experiences both good and bad as well as any travel wisdom I gather as I get to visit different places. I try to post frequently but I cannot promise any frequency. Most probably it will be a few times each month. This blog is intended to be a creative experiment for me. Not sure how it will turn out :) You, the reader, are the judge.


Share your own experience !

As a traveler, I love reading about other people’s travel experiences. I know for certain that my articles are by no means complete and they can certainly benefit from your input. Feel free to share your own experience and add comments to any of my articles.