Big Sur coastline - thumbnailI live in Southern California and I love Southern California ! I always find new places I want to see and experience. Southern California is a great area for those who like to travel and explore. Yes, there is Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Disneyland, but there is so much more to see and experience. I have traveled as a single guy and now as a family man and in both instances I have had great and unique experiences traveling across California. It is exactly this travel experience that I want to share on my site.

I have been writing on Southern California Travel Paths for a few years now and there are many articles I have written about my favorite day trips and travel destinations. However, with the large amount of information on this site, it is somewhat hard for a new visitor to find what they want.

My favorite Southern California day trips

Santa Barbara street on a sunny summer day - thumbnail

  • See all Southern California attractions in one day – A very detailed article about visiting most of Southern California’s best tourist attractions in one day. It’s true and you can do it!
  • Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara is by far my favorite day trip in Southern California.
  • Malibu – Malibu makes for another great day trip especialy for children.
  • Solvang – Another great day trip in Southern California. Lots of things to see and the perfect place for those of us who like to walk.