3 snow play areas for children near Frazier Park area

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Frazier Park’s Mount Pinos is probably the closest place for unorganized and free snow play in the Los Angeles area. Whether you live in Los Angeles County or Ventura County you can usually get to Mt Pinos in about two hours. There are a few beautiful unorganized snow play areas around the Frazier Park/Mount Pinos area. Read on to see my favorite snow play areas around Mt. Pinos.

Frazier Park snow play is part of my detailed article about best snow play spots in Southern California.

1. Perfect snow play areas at Chula Vista Campground near Mount Pinos

As you exit the I5 freeway on the Frazier Mountain Park Road and head towards Frazier Park you will drive through a beautiful valley flanked by mountain peaks. Cuddy Valley Road goes through the village of Frazier Park and continues all the way to Mount Pinos. If you are patient and can drive further up from Frazier Park, the road ends with a large parking lot and a sledding area right next to the parking lot near the Chula Vista Campground.

Frazier Park, California - Small children enjoy sledding on the slopes near Chula Vista Campground
Frazier Park, California – Small children enjoy sledding on the slopes near Chula Vista Campground
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However, use the trail to the right of the Forest Service building and walk a few hundred feet. There is a beautiful meadow with two long sledding slopes perfect for kids and adults.

Mount Pinos, California - Map of snow play areas around Chula Vista Campground near Mount Pinos
Mount Pinos, California – Map of snow play areas around Chula Vista Campground near Mount Pinos
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If you drive up to Mount Pinos all the way to the Chula Vista Campground in on a sunny winter day when the road is open you will simply love it. This area is much better than other paid areas around Big Bear Lake or Mountain High…and I am not exaggerating one bit.

2. Snow Play areas on the road from Cuddy Valley to Mount Pinos

Frazier Park ‘s Cuddy Valley doesn’t get much snow during the winter and most of the winter the roads are clear. However, when you keep following Cuddy Valley Road and start climbing towards Mount Pinos the road gets icy and snowy pretty soon. Often times you need chains to keep driving.

Frazier Park, California – The road from Frazier Park to Mount Pinos is often covered in snow during the winter
Frazier Park, California - The road from Frazier Park to Mount Pinos is often covered in snow during the winter
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When driving to Mount Pinos always carry chains with you and be ready to install them. While most of the times the weather is sunny, many times in the winter the weather is unpredictable, so be prepared with chains and several changes of clothes.

As you go up you will start noticing cars stopped on the left and right side of the road where snow play is available. However, the designated parking areas are at Mount Pinos Campground and Chula Vista Campground. You also need an Adventure Pass to be displayed on your car. You can buy one at the gas station in town.

Frazier Park, California – Snow play areas in Frazier Park right before driving up to Mount Pinos
Frazier Park, California - Snow play areas in Frazier Park right before driving up to Mount Pinos
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You will see slopes made sled suitable by the many people stopping on the side of the road and sledding. Most snow is on the side of the mountain with most shade.

There are two good sledding areas right before mount Pinos Campground sign on the right hand side of the road right before the Mount Pinos Campground sign. The second one is on the left side of the road right past the Mt. Pinos Campground sign. Parking at Mount Pinos Campground is your best bet.

3. Snow Play areas in Cuddy Valley, Frazier Park

Cuddy Valley itself gets some snow in the winter time, but not very much since its elevation is only 4600 ft. You would have to visit right after a snow storm in order to enjoy some snow playing in Frazier Park’s Cuddy Valley without having to drive up to Mount Pinos. However, Frazier Park itself doesn’t have much snow play areas as most land is private. If you are planning to go to this area check the road conditions and make sure the road to Mount Pinos is open before you go.

Frazier Park, California – Frazier Park in Cuddy Valley with a bit of snow covering the ground in December.
Frazier Park, California - Frazier Park in Cuddy Valley with a bit of snow covering the ground in December.
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Please beware that the Frazier Park village does not have any official snow play areas and most land is private. Make sure you are parking in a public place if you decide to stop in Frazier Park…otherwise you would be trespassing on private property.

Remember that Frazier Park is a very small community so please check the resources page at the end of the article before visiting Frazier Park/Mount Pinos area. Check especially the weather/snow report page which will tell you if the road to Mount Pinos is open or not. If the road is not open you might want to postpone your trip so you can enjoy the snow properly.

Frazier Park, California – Snow play areas in Frazier Park right before driving up to Mount Pinos
Frazier Park, California - Snow play areas in Frazier Park right before driving up to Mount Pinos
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Resources for planning your trip to Mount Pinos at Frazier Park

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  • Wera Comin Link

    I posted this article in the “LA mommies” facebook group as well as the “what to do in socal” group. I hope to be able to take pics of these rare species of local humans

  • Brenda…Glad to hear my article was useful to you. Have fun!

  • Brenda Link

    Thanks Vlad for this information. Just what I was looking for.

  • Hollie…I feel really important when you think that the 500 views I get on my article determines tens of thousands of people to stop in Frazier Park.
    Did you actually read my article? Which places I indicate are private property? Did you read the warning I have about trespassing?
    People will come to Mount Pinos in the winter weather you like it or not…it is state owned land and accessible to everyone. The ones stopping in Cuddy Valley show they actually have not read my article…because I direct people to Mount Pinos.
    Over the years I have worked with residents to improve my article so it steers people away from trespassing and indicate that Mount Pinos is the real place for snow.

  • Hollie Link

    You will get sued Vlad for condoning illegal trespassing, you will be responsible if one of the mud dummies gets shot. YOU will be held accountable Vlad.

  • snow bunnies Link


  • Jen Link

    We have had an amazing time in this area. Staying at a cabin with our kids. We went up early Saturday morning and experienced no traffic and went to the top parking lot. My kids had a great time and there weren’t too many people early in the morning. I did notice some broken sleds and trash and that was disheartening but we made sure to collect all of our items. We couldn’t believe we could find such beauty here. We will be back.

  • michelle rizvanovic Link

    wow after reading how horrible Frazier park residents are, I am with the other guy, I will go to Bear Lake were our money is welcome and there is enough room for everyone. Thank you for your informative article- had I not read it, I could have went up there no chains etc… and be in danger then stop and ask a mean resident not knowing how disgruntled they are and have a horrible reaction… Things just aren’t the same, people are angry in these little towns and it is sad, they wander why they are being left behind in tax dollars and government help- ie widening the road…Thank you for your article.

  • Jill Link

    In the Cuddy Valley area that is all private property. On either side of the road is private farming and ranches. If you turn off the road you are entering residential areas.
    Fences are cut that retaining Cattle.
    Anything from McDonald’s to Condoms are left for locals to clean up!
    Many want to enjoy the beauty of nature, yet destroy it in the aftermath!
    When they’ve work down the snow to mud, they continue to sled and wear down the hillsides so nothing can grow for years of ever!

  • Wynnde Hansen Link

    It is not the visitors that bother the residents if is their complete lack of consideration, there are mountains of trash left everywhere, parking and playing on private property to include fences being cut to enter private properties. I am currently working on getting the traffic nightmares straightened out and going to pick up trash myself. If you do visit I hope you have a good time but please pick up all of your trash and stay on the designated snow areas. Also pick up a day pass from the Forrest service. I am currently working on making a place to purchase day passes next to the freeway offramp. Thank you!

  • Unstoppable Visitor Link

    Be mad all you want as long as there’s no law saying I can’t go enjoy the snow with my kids or go hunting in or around the Frazier Park/Mt.pinos/Ventura County areas then all you Frazier Park residents can stop crying or shut up cuz me and my family won’t stop going and enjoying what we love to do because of you crybabies and there will never be a law saying we can’t, Federal Land Dummies You Don’t Own It.

  • Kim's Neighbor Link

    I have to chuckle as we are local residents too and while I agree with Kim, it is ironic that one rents out their place that attracts visitors.

  • Jess…in the summer nobody is upset in Frazier Park because few people go there. The problem always happen around New Years with the first serious snow storm when city people start driving to Frazier Park for snow play. This is when the angry residents try finding someone to blame for their town’s popularity and they blame it on my minuscule website.

  • Jess Link

    Very informative article. I am somewhat put off by the extremely defensive residents posting here. I understand tourism can be a nuisance. As a resident of a small beach community we are inundated with tourists all summer and deal with increased traffic, etc. But that is the price of living somewhere naturally beautiful I guess? I try to be courteous when visiting places and always pack out my trash (and that of others.). The increase in SoCal population density affects everyone. This seems like a broadly aggressive stance. I was considering getting an airbnb for a weekend of hiking and relaxing in the mountains with my family, and crossing fingers for snow, but I am thinking maybe we should head to Big Bear or Idyllwild instead after these posts. It is too bad, as I remember staying in a cabin in Frazier Park in the 90’s and would love to share that with my kiddos. :(

  • Rachel Link

    Visitors should be aware that Mt. Pinos has about a 1,000 car capacity for parking, so visitors during snow season may spend 4+ hours in traffic after exiting the freeway because there is not enough space for everyone. Additionally, CHP and County Roads Department can close the road to visitors at any time due to road conditions or overcrowding. They both maintain Facebook pages and try to give updates asap. Mt. Pinos is a beautiful place to visit when there isn’t snow and you’ll have a much easier time – fewer crowds and safer roads.

  • Eren…looks like Mount Pinos still has 12 to 24 inches of snow…so still plenty for sledding. Check the daily updated snow report for Mt Pinos: http://www.frazmtn.com/fmcoc/snowcond.htm . There is no snow in Frazier Park area so plan to drive to Mt Pinos.

  • Eren Link

    I know is March already, but is there still snow at Mount Pinos/Frazier Park for the kids to sled? We were there 3 weeks ago and even though it was not snowing, there was lots of snow in the mountains. We all had so much fun and want to come back, but don’t know if the mountains are still white. Please advise.

  • I feel pretty good if you really think that my 200 website visitors really are bringing 150,000 people to Frazier Park.
    The reality is that every year LA and Ventura counties are growing very fast with lots of housing development in Santa Clarita and Valencia. Unfortunately it is word of mouth that brings people to Frazier Park for snow because if they would actually read my article they would learn to check the roads to Mount Pinos first before making the drive and they would also learn about private property in Frazier Park.
    Most people will come through Frazier Park and while there they find out that the road to Mont Pinos is closed and they are stuck in town. This is one reason I provide all the information with road conditions.
    Can you please indicate which areas are private property so I can remove them?

  • Upset resident Link

    I agree with Melody , over 150,000 people came up one of the snow days … It was really dangerous and caused hours of traffic… Not to mention many of the areas you are illegally advertising are private property…Someone could easily get shot trespassing.. so you are condoning illegal trespassing …

  • Kim…I do agree with you somewhat for those who don’t care about what they leave behind, but not everyone passing through Frazier Park does the same. A lot of people actually want to go to Mt Pinos and look at snow and road conditions. I do understand your frustration as this seems to get worse and worse every year since LA and Ventura counties are growing quickly.

  • I am a resident of Frazier Park and our 2nd snow of the season is gone, people! If I am from out-of-town, then as a visitor, it would be ALMOST gone. As a resident who lives less than TEN minutes from town, I wish all of you snow slobs would learn to check the internet to see if there is even snow before you come here — we do not want or need your inconvenience. It has been taking us 45+ minutes to get to town, because now the mud dummies are out. An ambulance cannot get by. I dislike the “bored” in life who feel that they can come to our town and leave their trash, their dirty diapers, their sleds, their grills. What If I came to your home and urinated on your front yard? What if I set up a grill and all my friends double-parked? What if a relative needed an ambulance that could not get by because of one of those trashy trespassing visitors? Why are you never here when the clean-up is done? Why don’t you just go home?

  • Great reminders Angelica! Please use the links I have with regards to road conditions. If the road to Mount Pinos is not open you might want to postpone your trip…carry chains and drive slowly.

  • Angelica Link

    I live in eastern Ventura County, we always go to Mt. Pinos when we go to the snow. The Ranger station at the top of the mountain sells hot chocolate(they did last time we went at least, I assume they still do). There are snow gates that are locked at times depending on the snow level or weather conditions, so you can’t always get to the top of the mountain. People, please drive slowly, watch for kids, dogs, adults, and rocks on the road as you go up and down the mountain.

  • Erick…there is not really an address…but in Google maps you can search for Mt Pinos Nordic base…this is the furthest you can go. Or search for Mt Pinos Campground and go five more minutes until the road ends. Check my links for road conditions…make sure the road to Mt Pinos says open.

  • erick Link

    Could you possibly give me the address to Mount Pinos I live in LA?

  • Melody…I understand the frustration as a resident but the intent of my article is to inform people about public lands in the Mount Pinos/Frazier Park area and to encourage people to drive all the way up to Mount Pinos because the snow conditions are much better there than in Frazier Park. The fact that people are lazy and stay in Frazier Park shows how little impact my article has.

  • Melody Link

    Could you not advertise Frazier Park? Snow play there has turned into a serious nuisance for residents

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