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The Getty Center in Los Angeles is an amazing place. We were finally able to visit this place and be transported for a few hours in the heart of Europe. This was not because of the architecture of the buildings because they are very American and very modern. But the art on display at the Getty Center was amazing. We got to see Manet, Monet, Renoir and even a very rare sketch by Da Vinci. Read more to see some of my pictures from the Getty Center.

Travel pictures from the Getty Center, Los Angeles, California

The Getty Center has been for a very long time on our list of places to visit. However, only very recently we were able to get in the car and actually go and visit the Getty Center.

Panoramic view of the Getty Center and the Central Garden.
Los Angeles, California - Panoramic view of the Getty Center and the Central Garden.
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Beautiful panorama of downtown Los Angeles and Wilshire center.
Los Angeles, California - Beautiful panorama of download Los Angeles and Wilshire center.
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