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Hearst Castle is one of the few buildings in America that bears the name “Castle”. We just don’t have castles here like they have in Europe. Castles are a thing of the past and especially in California we don’t have old buildings except for the few old missions that are scattered along the coast. I know I am exaggerating a little but not too much. So, just the name Hearst Castle becomes interesting almost immediately to the tourist.

Main tourist attractions at Hearst Castle & San Simeon California

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  • It’s worth visiting Hearst Castle but only on a sunny and clear day. If it’s cloudy or raining and you can wait…go on a different day. The castle is great, but the view is simply amazing.
  • Stop along Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and visit the Piedras Blancas beach. If you visit in the winter you will get to see over one hundred sea lions.
  • Across the way from the Hearst Castle entrance off Highway 1 is the San Simeon pier and beach which is very pretty as well.

How to get to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California

Hearst Castle is located in San Simeon California which is about 3 hours north of the Los Angeles area. The closest city is San Luis Obispo which is home to one of the 27 old California Missions. If you want to visit Hearst Castle I recommend that you try to stay overnight in one of the neighboring towns. For example Cambria is very close to Hearst Castle and it’s inexpensive to find a motel there. Plus, Cambria is home to many artists and it has delightful restaurants and shops. That’s what we did anyway and we loved it. We actually spent three nights in Cambria and we drove along the coast through another stunning area called Big Sur. It is certainly worth spending a few days exploring the area.

A map of the San Simeon and surrounding area.

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Is the Hearst Castle overrated?

Well, depending what you expect to see. If you expect to see a 1000 years old castle then yes, it’s overrated. But if you realize you’re in California where probably the oldest California mission was built in 1769, then you can’t expect to really see old castles in California. So, I believe that for California, the Hearst Castle is not overrated and it’s a great family travel destination especially if you count the amazingly scenic surrounding area.

Hearst Castle, California – A blend of European Architectural styles.
Hearst Castle, California - A blend of European Architectural styles.
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What do you think ?

Have you visited the Hearst Castle and San Simeon? What do you think ? I would be interested to see what other tourists think about this California landmark.

Hearst Castle, California – Wouldn’t you like this pool in your back yard?
Hearst Castle, California - Neptune Pool.
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