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Lake Tahoe has some great beaches. Kings Beach is one of them. We found Kings beach a great place for a family beach day. Fine sand, shallow water and crystal clear water. There are also lots of great places to eat which adds to the fun. We visited Kings Beach in the middle of September and it was hot. Being able to sit on the beach and relax was great for our family.

Lake Tahoe Kings Beach driving directions

We drove from South Lake Tahoe on the eastern shore through the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe and looped back to the north part of Lake Tahoe which is back in California. The eastern shore of Lake Tahoe provided us with plenty of opportunities to admire the beautiful lake and surrounding mountains…just like the western shore. This is a great drive. you could go on route 89 on the western shore as well…it’s just a little bit longer. The eastern shore route takes about one your (about 34 miles) while the western shore route takes a little over one hour (about 40 miles). The western shore road had some construction so we decided to avoid that.

Local Map of Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas.

View Larger MapGoing on the eastern shore route, once you pass the last Casino in Nevada, you cross back into California on Lake Boulevard or highway 28. Kings Beach is the first state park on your left. There is plenty of parking and a few good places to eat.

Lake Tahoe Kings Beach tourist attractions

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  • Park the car, get your flip flops and get to the beach. You can find parking in the park’s official parking lot. You might have to pay a fee, but there is also plenty of parking on the street if you don’t want to pay the fee. This beach has fine sand and crystal clear water. I think this is great for small children, because the water is very shallow for a long way from shore. It’s a great place to look for water creatures and get a good tan.
  • Eat a a local restaurant. We loved eating at a local Mexican restaurant called Las Panchitas. I love Mexican food and my wife likes it too. Even my daughter loved the food even though she doesn’t like spicy food. The restaurant is across the street from the beach…really, just across the street. Great food and very reasonable prices.

Lake Tahoe Kings Beach is the perfect place to relax

Depending how much room you have in your car, you can take all your beach stuff and hit the water. This is a great place for children because the water is very shallow and there is fine sand both on the beach and in the water. I loved taking my daughter out into the water and looking for water creatures. We have left our bathing suits at the hotel thinking that we won’t have an opportunity to get in the water. We were wrong and sorry! But, we had a great time regardless.

Lake Tahoe Kings Beach is a very relaxing place to enjoy the awesome views of the lake.
Lake Tahoe Kings Beach is a very relaxing place to enjoy the awesome views of the lake.
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Lake Tahoe Kings Beach is great for small children

Fine sand, shallow water and crystal clear water. This is what I call a fun place! Kids will love this place as well especially if you have some time to take them exploring the water and the rocks. They’ll love to look for small critters hiding under the rocks.

People enjoying Kings Beach on a relaxing sunny day in the middle of September.
People enjoying Kings Beach on a relaxing sunny day in the middle of September.
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Lake Tahoe’s Kings Beach – Tourist Verdict

It depends what your expectations are. Kings Beach is a beach and that’s it…a gorgeous beach I might add with a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe and surrounding mountains. We found Kings Beach to be very relaxing and a great way to spend time with our kids.

Tourist Resources

Visit the official Kings Beach park site.

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