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When I mention King’s Canyon National Park, quite a few people ask where that is. This is very different than when talking about Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks..everyone knows about these two places. Even though King’s Canyon is a lot less popular, it is a great place to visit and just like Sequoia, it is a backpacker and hiker’s paradise. There is not much to see if just want to drive there, but if you want to hike, then this is a great place.

Main tourist attractions at King’s Canyon National Park

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  • If you can hike up to Kennedy Pass, you will not be disappointed by the views.
  • Beware of mosquitoes in June and July. They are worse than the bears. They will hunt you down and not allow you to rest until you get inside your tent. Bring lots of bug repellent…the expensive stuff, cause only the real stuff really works. No kidding !

Driving directions to King’s Canyon National Park

Just like getting to Yosemite National Park, you can easily find directions to King’s Canyon National Park. The National Park Services (NPS) maintains websites on all parks including King’s Canyon National Park. King’s Canyon is most of the time associated with Sequoia National Park because they’re right next to each other. I love driving to King’s Canyon and Yosemite…once you get in the mountain areas the drive is just spectacular. Try not to hurry too much, just enjoy the drive and the vistas…and stop once in a while.

King’s Canyon is a great place to visit during a national holiday simply because people don’t know about it. Whereas in Sequoia and Yosemite you will find lots and lots of people on holidays, in King’s Canyon you will have plenty of room to breathe even on a July 4th week.

Forests and rocks are the landscape in King’s Canyon National Park.

King’s Canyon is typical of the High Sierra mountains…it’s filled with forests but only up to a point. If you go past that point, the trees are very rare and the rock starts to dominate the landscape.

Burned out tree trunks have fallen on new grass in Kings Canyon National Park, California.
Kings Canyon National Park, California - Burned out tree trunks have fallen on new grass.

Fires are a common occurrence in King’s Canyon National Park, California

Fires do lots of damage in the High Sierra mountains. However, the park rangers don’t see it as damage anymore and they only try to contain the fires rather than putting them out. This way there lots of natural fertilizer left in the wake of a fire. I don’t believe they would be able to put the fires out anyway…this place is way to big :)

Lonely tree that has survived a recent fire in King’s Canyon National Park, California.
King's Canyon National Park, California- Lonely tree that has survived a recent fire.

Is it worth visiting King’s Canyon National Park ?

Just a spectacular place for everyone! This place has something for everyone…for the avid backpacker and for a family with small children…there are lots of fun things to do.

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