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There are many beach towns in California, but Pismo Beach has the perfect location to make it one of the best beach towns in California. With clean and quiet beaches and lots of things to see and do, Pismo Beach is probably one of my favorite beach destinations. Read along to find out more about my experience at Pismo Beach.

How to get to Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach is a popular beach town tourist attraction on the central California coast. Being a popular tourist destination, Pismo Beach is very easy to get to. Pismo Beach is located right next to the 101 freeway between Price Street exit to the south and Shell Beach Road to the north. Any of these exists will put you in Pismo Beach. Once you exit the freeway just go towards the ocean which you will see very quickly.

Map of Pismo Beach, California and surrounding area.

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Once in Pismo Beach you have a few options to get to the ocean. Ocean View Avenue is one of the streets that give beach access. Parking is a little tricky in Pismo Beach but if you go on Hinds Avenue you will find parking right next to the Pismo Beach pier.

Another way to get into Pismo Beach is to follow the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) into Pismo. I love this road and it takes you through much of rural California which is very different and exciting in many ways. This is my favorite way to get into Pismo Beach.

What to see in Pismo Beach, California

The main attraction in Pismo Beach is the beach. Whether you want to sit in the sun, or take pictures, or just stroll along, Pismo Beach is the perfect location for your beach fix.

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  • Stroll on the beach. Right next to where Ocean View Avenue meets the ocean, there is a fresh water stream that comes in and it forms a small lake which is home to lots of birds. This is very cool for children to see.
  • Walk on the Pismo Beach Pier. Piers are made for walking on them, so do it!
  • Have lunch or dinner at Mo’s Steakhouse. Very yummy steak.
  • If you come in the middle of October, then take part in Pismo Bach Clam Festival. At least watch the parade which is very cool to see.
  • If you like 4-wheelin’ and dune buggying, then Pismo Beach is really THE place to be. There is a special area specially created and maintained especially for this purpose.

Pismo has the perfect beach in California

Why do I say it’s a perfect beach? Well, if you think that the beach at Pismo Beach has fine and clean sand and in addition it is not crowded at all, then you have the perfect beach. We loved walking around the beach and just sitting even though it was pretty cold in October.

Pismo Beach, California – Pismo Pier seen during a beautiful sunset.
Pismo Beach, California - Pismo Pier seen during a beautiful sunset.
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Walk around town and eat some awesome steak

Pismo Beach is a typical beach town. The expensive homes are built further from the ocean on the hill nearby, while the town itself is very simple and unassuming. Not impressive from the outside, the main streets in Pismo Beach are home to some really good restaurants. You can walk on Pomeroy Avenue or Dolliver Street and have steak or some awesome clam chowder.

Pismo Beach, California – Pomeroy Avenue in Pismo Beach seen on a sunny morning.
Pismo Beach, California - Pomeroy Avenue in Pismo Beach seen on a sunny morning.
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Tourist conclusion on Pismo Beach, California.

Quiet and small, Pismo Beach is the perfect beach town. Miles of fine sand and clean waters will definitely fill your urge to go to the beach. With so many things to see around Pismo Beach, you can easily spend a week in Pismo Beach and not run out of things to see and do. We spent about four days in Pismo Beach and we’re planning to go back and camp this time.

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