Sacramento Capitol Park walking tour

Sacramento, California - Cactus buds thumbnail.We visited the Sacramento Capitol park when we visited the actual State Capitol building. We didn’t rush to get inside the building but took our time to see the flowers and trees that are everywhere in the park. It was very hot outside in Sacramento that day but the abundant vegetation in park kept us a little cooler and we enjoyed our visit a lot more because of that.

How to get to the Sacramento Capitol Park

Coming north on the I5 freeway look for signs indicating Capitol Mall. This exit will put you on N st. Just follow it East until you will see the Capitol Building on the right hand side. Remember that streets in Downtown Sacramento are one way streets. Park on the street and make sure you pay the fee for parking. They have cool parking meters in Downtown Sacramento, you can pay with cash or credit card. The State Capitol area is located between L and N streets and 9th and 15th street. It’s a large area and if you get lost you can always ask.

What to see and do at the Sacramento Capitol Park

  • Visit the rose garden at the east end of the park. Close to 15th and N Street.
  • Visit the cactus garden at the east end of the park. Close to 15th and L Street.
  • Visit the fish pond close to the Capitol Building

You can find a great variety of vegetation at the Sacramento Capitol Park

The Sacramento Capitol Park has everything in terms of vegetation: a cactus garden, a rose garden, a lemon tree plantation, palm trees, a fish pond and many many other flowers. The rose garden and cactus garden are located at the east end of the park away from the State Capitol building.

There is a beautiful cactus garden at the Sacramento Capitol Park
Cactus at the Sacramento State
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Take a stroll through the Sacramento Capitol Park

In order to admire flowers you have to take your time. You can slowly walk through the rose garden and admire the different colors and variety of roses and then go visit the cactus garden. Then as you walk toward the Sate Capitol Building, make sure you notice the lemon trees that line up the alleyway. Don’t pass by the many tall palm trees.

Roses abound at the Sacramento Capitol Park.
Roses at the Sacramento Capitol Park
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Have your kids look for little creatures around the park

Our daughter loved looking for bugs and butterflies…she found a lot of them. They were everywhere because of all the flowers and trees.

Butterflies and bugs can be found everywhere at Sacramento Capitol Park.
Butterfly resting on a flower at the Sacramento Capitol Park.
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