San Francisco Alcatraz Island travel guide

Alcatraz-IslandAs I think of mysterious places in California, Alcatraz Island comes to mind right away. The scene of many movies and known as “The Rock”, Alcatraz Island is a mysterious place. It is so close to shore and yet far enough. It’s interesting to read about the escape attempts that have made Alcatraz Island famous…history has not recorded any successful escape attempts. All those that have at least made it into the water have drowned on their way to the San Francisco coast. Enveloped in mystery and many times in fog, Alcatraz Island attracts the visitor.

Tourist Tips for visiting Alcatraz Island in San Francisco California

  • See more pictures from Alcatraz Island.
  • Try to go visit on a clear day. The views from the island are great…especially for a photographer.
  • The prison museum is interesting to visit…at least that’s what my brother told me. I think it’s cool to try to imagine all those escape attempts.

This is a short post since I have not personally visited Alcatraz Island. The pictures you see are my brother’s. However, I have read a little about the island since it fascinates me. Movies that show escape attempts are also pretty cool to watch because they’re mysterious and suspenseful.

The Rock is another name for Alcatraz Island in San Francisco California
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Alcatraz Island provides a breathtaking panorama view of downtown San Francisco, California
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